Campus Resources

First-Year Experience Mentors

First Year Experience (FYE) Mentors are dynamic upper-class role models who help first-year students in their transition to Kalamazoo College. There is one FYE Mentor assigned to each First-Year Seminar. FYE Mentors begin assisting incoming students during the summer before students arrive and remain an integral part of their transition experience throughout the fall quarter.  FYE Mentors facilitate many activities during orientation, get to know the students in their seminars, and help build community and friendships so new students can feel safe and comfortable in their new environment. They help educate students and provide leadership and advice so new students can find success both academically and socially at K.

Advising at K

Each student has an academic advisor whose business is to know what is happening with each of their advisees. Advisors talk with their advisees about their goals and intellectual growth. They help advisees ask and answer questions, select courses, understand the curriculum and degree requirements, and connect with college resources.

Residential Life

All first-year students have the opportunity to live in first-year residence hall communities. These communities are staffed by student Resident Assistants whose job it is to help new students transition to Kalamazoo College, make friends, and be part of a learning community where everyone is valued. Hoben and Trowbridge Halls house all first-year students and Harmon hall is a mix of first-year and upper class students.

Counseling Center

College can be stressful and we are here to help you! Many students experience a wide range of emotions during their college experience, including excitement, sadness, homesickness, grief, identity concerns, and stress, and sometimes all at the same time. The Kalamazoo College Counseling Center offers a wide range of services including individual counseling in-person and online, 24/7 crisis number (833.646.1526), as well as outreach programming. Please learn more about our services by exploring the counseling center website.

Parent and Family Resources

Parents, guardians, and family members comprise a critical support system for students in college. The Parents and Families website provides resources for family members to support their students from home, such as: